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19th August 2014

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genesis-pill said: Reading all of your asks where angry nerds get offended is one of my favorite things to do, holy shit.

No way, I hate it when people are mad. I just feel SO BAD for my annoying personality! PM me if anyone needs their butt wiped, I have most of the night off

19th August 2014

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Anonymous said: 'Are you fucking kidding me?' calm down man, there are plenty of valid reasons for someone to not know that a video tittled '???' was the cozplayerz vid. your tumblr personality is annoying as fuck.

We re-titled it and announced what it was long before the question was sent- I just figured someone who was interested in it would look it up. My mistake- SORRY TO EVERYONE FOR MY ANNOYING PERSONALITY - PLEASE PM ME IF YOU ARE LAZY AND NEED HELP WITH THINGS 

19th August 2014

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Anonymous said: Is there going to be a cosplayerz this year?

Are you fucking kidding me?

19th August 2014

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Anonymous said: What was the song used at the beginning of the new Cosplayerz?

Slipknot “People = Shit”

18th August 2014

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Mega64: ???

A new video has been released, but what is it???

1. For best enjoyment, please watch from the beginning without skipping.

2. Don’t spoil it for others.

3. Play it full-screen and very loud.

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18th August 2014

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??? →

Mega64’s mysterious new video has a BIG secret. As we’re saying everywhere, please play this from the beginning and don’t skip. Don’t spoil it for others. Play LOUD.

18th August 2014

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Tomorrow morning, the rocket will open.

Tomorrow morning, the rocket will open.

17th August 2014

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Anonymous said: Time to update the mega64 twitter bio, champ.

Too smug, not changing it.

17th August 2014

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Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on the Ferguson police riots and how this country will eventually fall under Martial Law?


16th August 2014


Anonymous said: Will you have a booth at PAX Prime?

Yup. Booth, panel, the whole deal